Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Post 4

Student Podcasts

It seems like a lot of preparation has to go into a podcast to make it good. The ones that seemed like they flowed the best were probably rehearsed. It was also funny how some of the kids were obviously reading from a script. It sounded better if there was a more conversational tone to the podcast.

I think the best podcasts I heard were the ones where people sounded comfortable talking but didn't speak too quickly or too softly. I imagine it would be hard to sound like you are at ease but have to remember to speak clearly at the same time.

Eagle's Nest

I liked the Eagle's Nest class radio. I loved how the teacher got the kids to research all of the things they used on their podcast and then they got to talk about it. The students seemed to really enjoy making the podcasts. I would love to use this technique in my classroom.

I couldn't believe that it was third graders who made these podcasts! I hope when they get older they'll be able to go back and listen to their third grade selves. I wonder how much the teacher helped them right their scripts. Or how much help they needed with the actual podcasts. When I was in sixth grade my science class made a news show and each student had a job, like director, or camera guy. It would be cool if every student got a chance to try something different so they can learn about all the different jobs.

Practical Principals

I thought the practical principal's podcasts was really great. It seemed really beneficial for other people to listen to but also it sounded like it started out as just being a great way to talk to another educator.

The two podcasters (is that what you call them?) seemed like they were very open to new technology. The podcast was really easy to listen to. It came off kind of as a radio show that was really relaxed and they didn't sound pressured for thing to say. It just sounded like they were having a conversation because they were!

The Education Podcast Network

I thought this website was a little hard to figure out. The first two I went to had the podcasts right there and you just had to click a button to hear a podcast. I ended up watching some video without sound because I couldn't figure out where I was going.

Once I figured out how to listen to a podcast, I liked it a lot. The guys were funny and sounded like they were having fun making the podcast. The podcast I listened to didn't have very good audio for the one guy. It sounded like the first guy had his microphone right next to him and the other guy was just in the background. I think it'd be important, when making a podcast, to make sure you can hear everyone.

Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom

This looked like a cool website that I will explore more later on. I wanted to watch the video about podcasting in the classroom but it wouldn't load for some reason.

The website looked like it could answer a lot of question I will probably have about podcasting now, and when I use it in my classroom. And I do plan on using it. It seems like such a good way to give students a reason to learn things and then put them to use. It also teaches them how to collaborate and they get to use technology!


  1. I really liked the eagle's nest radio too. I think those kids will really benefit from having the experience to podcasting at such an early age. Most of the other podcasts were very informative and I think podcasting will be great in the classroom!

  2. Tyler, you and I agree on the podcast pages. Practical Principals came across like a radio show to me as well. It drove me nuts that they were just talking to each other until about 11 minutes into the podcast. Make sure that you do go back and try the Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom again. That was my favorite one.

  3. Tyler,

    You and Martha make a great point about podcasts ... they are not all good! One of the best reasons to do this assignment is to see that there are good, bad and ugly podcasts. You can take what you learned from these podcasts and not make the same mistakes when you make your own. Also, there are some really good ones out there and you can take some lessons from those to make your good as well.