Wednesday, June 30, 2010

C4T Steven Anderson's Blog

Mr. Anderson's blog was very tech-filled. I enjoyed reading about his opinions on Twitter and social networking. He also included some great links and videos in his posts. His advice on social networking and PLNs was great for me to read!

6/30/10 Comment #1

Hi, Mr. Anderson. I was assigned to read your blog for a Dr. Strange's class at the University of South Alabama. You can find my reactions to your blog and others here.

I have not yet begun using Twitter so your post brings up some things I haven't considered before. I think the easiest part for me to grasp is the "you never know the person sitting next to you." Growing up in a world with computers, I was always told to be careful who I talk to on the internet. Now, in my class, we are asked to form PLNs and start professional relationships through the computer. Its a little confusing but I'm getting the hang of the idea.

I think PLNs and Twitter accounts and blogging are all ways to reach even further than before to learn more about being a teacher. I've already learned so much through the internet about teaching so I think all these things are definitely on the plus side. The only reason I can think that people would devalue any of these social networks is that they are scared. New things always scare people and it will probably take a while for tweeting and networking to become more accepted but I think when it does, we will all benefit enormously.

Thanks for posting this! -Tyler Tuveson

Comment #2

Tyler Tuveson [Moderator] 6 minutes ago
Mr. Anderson, I've finally given in to Twitter and the credit for that goes to you! Halfway through the video on this post, I went to Twitter, signed up, and wrote my first tweet. My micro-computing sciences class for education majors, at the University of South Alabama, has been trying to get me to sign up for Twitter since the beginning of June. It's not that I'm doubtful it will help, I just haven't been convinced enough that it is so great. I'm still pulling my PLN together and I have heard all the benefits people have experienced through their PLNs. So, I'm still exploring the best way to have a PLN and what ways I can benefit from it personally. I hope it can help me connect with other teachers and I think it will give me so many resources as a new teacher. We shall see what happens! Thanks for convincing me! -Tyler Tuveson

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