Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personal Learning Network

screenshot of symbaloo
Like I've said before my PLN is coming along slowly. I feel like once I start getting more responses from other educators I'll be more successful at making "meaningful connections." So far, the one thing I feel I've gained from my PLN is all the websites I've been exploring. Through Symbaloo I found a page with tons of education websites. Through those sites, I've read so much helpful stuff.

My main goal is to be able to find answers to my questions and to find more questions to ask. I love the way the whole teaching community works together from around the world. To me, this is what is so special about a PLN. The other great part is that it is always growing. Every time I sit down to look something up, I end up going a completely different direction but I always learn new things.

I'm following people on Twitter and on Blogger. Both these sites have been great. I think blogs are a wonderful way for educators to share what they are doing in their classrooms and how they are dealing with technology. For me, Twitter has been more helpful for quick solutions and updates. I don't know if I'll begin to use Twitter more once I start following more people but I think it is a great way to begin making connections.

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