Sunday, July 18, 2010

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screenshot from Just Pray video
Alba Middle School Students' Video

The Mobile Press Register posted a video about Alba Middle School's students making a video. I really enjoy watching the process of students working together. I think that's one reason I want to be a teacher. Watching the videos of students collaborating makes me even more excited about teaching and doing things like this in my classroom.

Just Pray

The "Just Pray" video was very moving. I liked that the students went out and got clips of local people talking about the oil spill. I think for the students, making this video probably made them feel like they were doing something to raise awareness. Hopefully, they were able to continue to talk about the oil spill in their classroom and what they can do to help.

The Mean Oil Spill

This video of a spoof about the oil spill was great because it combined humor and concern for the Gulf. I liked that they personified the oil spill. Maybe they could relate that to literature in class and discuss how that is an effect that works in stories and poems a lot of times.

My comment to the students:

Hi, students! I'm also a student at USA. I loved your video! It's so neat that you've gotten recognition for doing this video and others! Watching this video made me want to take more of a part in helping with the oil spill. I think people don't think about how it will affect future generations so it's great that y'all have spoken up!

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