Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post 12

round 2

Mr. McClung's Round Two

Mr. McClung's second year post was really great to read. It sounded like he had grown as a teacher and had some great advice to give again! I've been warned before that as a new teacher, you get shuffled around so you can't get too comfortable in your first year class.

He also mentions the survival mode. We learned about that in classroom management. I think it's great that he can admit he was there. In my classroom management class, everyone brushed it off like it wouldn't happen to them. Part of being a teacher is critiquing yourself when you need to. Even if it means admitting something you don't want to admit.

I think its great that Mr. McClung is able to review his whole year in a blog post. Even though some of what he says could be seen as common sense, its always good to review things like that. You have to constantly check yourself to make sure you are being the best you can be.

His posts have probably been so helpful to upcomming teachers. I know I'm going to reread his posts before and after my first year of teaching. However, nothing can compare to your own experience. I can't wait to start having my own experience with teaching!

ISTE Presentation

Wow! It makes me so excited to see kids that young collaborate and discuss what they are working on together! How great would it be if a teacher can get students to work like that in every subject?

The students looked so excited about constructing their shapes. I'm in Math 202 right now, geometry for elementary teachers. We are learning how to teach students all about shapes and 3D figures. If I had had a tool like this when I was learning geometry in school, it would have made a lot more sense to me. Fablab4teacher's YouTube channel was fun to look through. The videos that had students using the digital fabrication were really fun to watch.

The first video I watched after the ISTE Presentation wasImagine. Design. Create. Construct. The 3D feature that they are working on creating sounds so neat! There was another video of just the 3D fabricator working that I watched. I'm not sure what you could use it for but it was really cool!

I also watched Digital Fabrication through the eyes of a 5 year old boy which was really cute. I was surprised by how comfortable he seemed using the computer and even using the other machine that was new to him. Kids seem so fearless when they are using new things like that. They aren't afraid to mess up. That reminds of the pottery class that Martha was talking about on Tuesday. When given as many chance as needed people can create things that are above and beyond what they can do if they are afraid of messing up.

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